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Richmond Graphic Products Inc. has been in the screen and graphic arts industry for over 35 years, and was uniquely suitable as a developer of computer-to-screen technology.

They have spent almost 10 years, thousands of research hours, and thousands of dollars in license fees and contracts to complete the the DirectJet CTS system which now meets all the technical, screen speed production and image resolution standards demanded by the industry, whilst at the same time providing cost savings from the elimination of film and other related costs.

DirectJet CTS provides huge savings in materials ( film,chemistry,etc ) and labour savings in time to print ( press set- up ) and a reduction of film labour by artroom personnel. Screens produced are at a higher technical standard than screens produced with film at higher costs.

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Directjet CTS

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The Computer To Screen solution

Output stencil ink directly onto coated screens from digital art files and eliminate film costs and produce a higher quality screen and speed machine speed set up.

The Benefits of Computer To Screen

No film costs -  No folder and storage related costs -  Faster machine set ups -  Lower sample costs -  Greater profits on print jobs -  Faster exposure times - No pinholes from glass or films - Higher half -tone resolutions - No waiting for vacuum to secure screen frames to films.             

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