MPAD A2 Spirit UV Digital Flatbed Printer

posted 27 Mar 2014, 05:51 by   [ updated 10 Oct 2017, 08:40 ]

MPAD A2 Spirit Series UV Digital Flatbed Printer

    The MPAD A2 Spirit UV Digital Flatbed Printer is the perfect machine for printing
    small size objects, such as Sign Boards, Posters and personal promotional
    products like Mobile Phone Cases, Hard Paper Packages, USB Keys, CD's, 
    Crystal Products, Photo Frames, Leather Art etc.


    Fitted with Grey Scale print heads with print resolution up to 2880 x 1440 dpi.

    System filled with UV ink to print on a variety of materials without pre-treatment.

    Printing Area up to 850 mm x 450 mm.

    Equipped with imported LED Curing System to avoid excessive heat on printed

    Max material thickness as standard up to 100 mm or as an option the machine
    can be modified to suit.

    Sectional vacuum table to keep material firmly on the table without creasing.

    Possible to install 2 print heads per colour to increase speed of printing and 
    to provide one separate white print head for spot white printing.