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Fourpost Moving Bed Print Machine

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The Atmace Four-Post Moving Bed Screen Printer is designed for printing on rigid and flexible substrate with high accuracy and registration.



  • Quality: Atma is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified manufacturer of high quality screen printing machinery.
  • Elegant Design: Innovative precision technology and outstanding high performance design of fast, reactive electro-mechanical transmission system ensures superior quality work and closetolerance.
  • Solid Construction: Heavy duty base frame with balanced footings maintain vibration free printing even at high speed.
  • Low Setup Time: Front screen insertion combined with pneumatic air locking clamps means easy setup.
  • Extreme Accuracy: The precision flat print table running on high-accuracy linear bearings together with precise motor control and micro pressure controlled squeegee and flood coater all add up to highly accurate printing.
  • Easy Adjustment: All printing parameters can be finely controlled using a combination of squeege depth, pressure, angle, skew, level, speed and micro positional adjustment of the screen.
  • User Friendly: The control panel uses symbolised methodology to ensure easy control.
  • Safety: Conforms to all European safety standards.
  • Gripper Take Off: An option (the G Model) that allows 3/4 automatic operations for certain materials.
  • Additional Options: The Atmace can be fitted with optional Cleaning Rollers, Anti-Static device, Anti-drip unit, registration pins and more.

The Atmace comes in four sizes:

Atmace 67 - Max Print area 610 x 750mm
Atmace 710 - Max Print area 770 x 1050mm
Atmace 1014 - Max Print area 1070 x 1410mm
Atmace 1216 - Max Print area 1210 x 1610mm

For the Atmace with gripper take off add /G to the model number. Print sizes are as above.

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