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Digital Automatic Coating Machine

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  • The coating operation follows a set program. The operator is only needed to load and unload the frame and to select the program. Perfect results can be achieved by non-skilled operators.
  • Any size of frame can be used up to the model's maximum. (see specification)
  • To overcome the emulsion coating problems on larger screen frames and to assure perfect coating effect and precise thickness. The Atma automatic coating machines are a must for the production of high quality stencils.The frame holder system is controlled by a foot switch. This leaves the operators hands free to load/unload the frame.The holder is fully adjustable to take many sizes of frame.
  • Stepless speed control for both the upward coating and downward return strokes.
  • Each machine is fitted with an emergency stop foot switch. This stops all operation immediately.
  • Anti-start controls guard against incorrect operation.
  • When at the end of the coating stroke, using a special coating termination function, the coating is effective to within 15mm of the internal edge of the frame. No complimentary coating is needed.


Max Coating Area

Max Frame Size


900mm x 1100mm

1050mm x 1250mm


1100mm x 1500mm

1250mm x 1650mm


1500mm x 1900mm

1650mm x 2050mm