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The AT-60PPD and AT-80PPG are sliding table flat bed machines, the AT-80PP/G with selectable gripper takeoff. 

The AT-60PPD and AT-80PPG are designed for flat surface printing on Film, Sheet and Board substrates made of non-deforming materials. Example; Mylars, Membranes, Posters, Decals, Stickers, Name Plates, Sign Boards, Decoration         Boards, Printed Circuit Boards, etc.

     * ISO9001 & 14001 certified quality

     * Robust, very stable, heavy duty print base

     * Avaliable with belt and gripper take off - /G model

     * Front frame insertion with pneumatic locking

     * Long print stroke with variable speed

     * PLC controlled

     * Digital operator setting

     * Air source regulator

  • Top-Quality Build
    Latest upgrade of the stylish ATMA type Two-post machine with ISO9001 & 14001 certified quality featuring unique vertical screen up/down design, solid & light-weighted structure, compact size, fine finish, extreme accuracy, superb performance & versatility, user-friendly operations & functions, environment-friendly energy efficiency, less maintenance, a Top-quality choice of its price level in the market.
  • Optional Cleaning Roller
    For cleaning dust from the print surface two types of cleaning roller are available. Single roller or roller and adhesive tape roller. Both types are installed on a moveable bracket for easy removal/replacement of the rollers.
  • Table Section
    Stationary Table consists of Vacuum Table & bottom base, Vacuum Table is made of aluminium-alloy face board + solid cast vacuum chamber, Vacuum provided by Ring-blower, with instant on/off switching + flow adjustment valve. Bottom base is cast-made and with X/Y-axis registration adjustments knobs + read-dial.
  • Screen Section
    Screen inserted from front and held by left & right Screen Holder Arms which are freely re-locatable, the frame locking is pneumatic driven and integrated with loose-proof valves & controls against power/air shutdown or operation error (optional pneumatic locking + loose-proof valve system may be added for Screen Holder Arms). Screen up/down is driven by heavy-duty motor + shock-free speed control + strong & light-weighted 2-post structure + linear rails, off-contact & screen up/down margins are set from Digital Setting on control panel, smooth & stable run with accurate stop-positioning. With Screen Peel-off system to avoid smear defect (gradual up along print stroke and instant down before flood), speed and stroke settable.
  • Print Head
    Long-stroked right-to-left print direction, motor driven + shock-free variable speed control + strong & light-weighted structure + linear rails, travel margins are set from Digital Setting on control panel, stable & smooth run in all speeds. With all necessary adjustment for Squeegee/Flood Coater: inclination angle, skew angle, up/down speed/depth, levelling. With also pneumatic Print Head Lift-up for clearing the head off the screen.
  • Electric Control
    Adopts PLC control featuring all on/off switch for Power, System or else single-action controls & pneumatic frame locking, 3 modes selectable for each Operation/ Vacuum/Cycle, Print/Flood Speed Tuning, Digital Settings for Screen Up/Down & Print/Flood Stroke Margins, Auto Timer/Foot Switch operation, Counter, Emergency-stop Switch Plate & Safety Bars. (Optional Pneumatic Locking for Frame Holder Arms is on/off switch operated).
  • Pneumatic Control
    With Air Source on/off valve, auto moisture filtering/drainage & air-line lubrication, 1 each Pressure Adjustment Knob + Manometer for squeegee & flood coater.
  • Safety
    With Safety Bars over left/front/right side against pinch between screen & table, Cycle Start/Interruption control on Foot Switch, Emergency-stop Switch Plate, Error-prevented program inter-link & light indication, Power Surge & Leak protections, etc., meets European safety requirements.


Print Area



400mm x 600mm

Digital operator interface


600mm x 740mm

Gripper sheet take-off

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